In radiography and any other hands-on-learning career, a gap existed between what students were taught in class and what they were expected to do in the clinical setting. The problem was connecting academic study to the practical use of what was learned in the textbook and the classroom setting. Demonstrating to students how to position patients from start to finish during their clinical training bridged that gap for them. This prompted the idea for a supplemental learning tool to the positioning textbooks and lectures the students were already receiving in their respected institutions. The end product was video training guides for positioning and an interactive study tool to practice anatomy. The goal was to have the student feel as though they were in the room with an experienced technologist; learning through visual and audio observation.

JLRMIE is dedicated to improving the learning process through up-to-date peer-reviewed research in educational advancement for those pursing a career in medical imaging. Further, our goal is to make learning more enjoyable through the most comprehensive interactive tools available and created. In addition, JLRMIE is dedicated to continuing education for current Radiologic Technologists by providing them with an affordable and easy way of obtaining CE Credits. In the future we hope to also provide current technologists with every possible form of modality training online with clinical training available in their own neighborhood.

Our guarantee is that the student will not only be able to retain more of the information they learn, but will enjoy the learning process much more and have a significant advantage when rotating through their clinical sites.