Small Steps to Big Dreams

With every new school year, we face new challenges that stand as obstacles between us and our accomplishments. It is often said that we ought to dream big when setting our goals but for some, dreaming big may make our goals seem too difficult to achieve. One of the best ways in to reach our goals is by creating a roadmap to get us where we want to be; then, we set small goals that lead us step-by-step toward our ultimate goal. For example, if your goal is to graduate from the Medical Imaging Program you’ve enrolled in (and it should be your goal), we draw up a blueprint or roadmap, then focus on mastering each class we take (these would be the little goals you set until you reach the ultimate goal [graduation]). The good news is that your particular program comes with the roadmap that will get you where you need to be. JLR.org is designed to be there as your additional mentor to the ones you already have in your professors. Visiting the “Tips From the Tech” section will make you a better technologist as you are given tips for perfect positioning, efficiency enhancement and insight into what physicians around you expect and are even looking for in the radiographs you produce. Graduation should certainly be your goal as a student, but you should never cease to want to learn from experienced technologists what you would not necessarily learn in a classroom setting. Our goal at JLR.org is to not only help you score your best on the registry but our ultimate goal is to make you a technologist, par excellence. We look forward to taking this journey with you. E-mail us any questions you may have and be sure to check back here every semester for more.